How It Works

The claim process is highly optimized and is limited to three stages:

  1. Provide your flight data and submit your claim
  2. CLAIMEUROPE takes the hard work and deals with the airline
  3. You receive your compensation

1. If you consider your case to be one of the following: delayed flight, cancelled flight, denied boarding, misconnection, downgrade (lower class), lost luggage, damaged or destroyed luggage, delayed luggage, please fill in correctly all required fields in the form of our site: Submit a claim, completely free of charge.

After providing your flight data, we need you to sign power of attorney, so we can take over your case, negotiate with the airline and, if necessary, take legal action. Signing is entirely online. Please, bear in mind that without a valid signed power of attorney, CLAIMEUROPE will not be able to take over the entire process and collect the compensation for you.

After submitting your claim to our automated system, our team of experts will check and investigate your case and will contact you by email as soon as possible (We work even on weekends!)

2. From now on, you do not have to do anything. CLAIMEUROPE takes over your claim by starting a communication with the airline. If your case turns out to be more complicated than usual, we may ask you some additional questions, and you may need to send us further documents which are necessary for collecting your compensation. We will promptly inform you by email about any developments regarding your claim. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach us by email: [email protected].

3. Finally, when the airline pays the compensation, we will ask you to provide your bank account to which we will transfer 80% of the total amount and will retain 20% commission for our services. If the airline pays directly to you after you have already submitted your claim to our website and we have taken your case, you will transfer the agreed 20% commission to us. For more details regarding the claim process, please read our General Terms and Conditions carefully.